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About Us

Indio brings you the very best from India to your doorstep in South Africa.

Indio is the brainchild of two wonderful South African ladies that both love India, and wish to share a little bit of that with you. Janene stayed in India for more than two years and spent days searching for wonderful gems in the crowded markets of Mumbai and then the rest of India. Leanda came to visit with her family and fell in love with Mumbai instantly. Indio was born around a dinner table next to the beach in Goa, and the rest is history. 

We are starting with bringing you high quality, 100% hand-made linen from a small village near Kolkatta. Watch this space for a bigger range of Indian treasures as we grow.

Indio linen is hand-made by a family business that spans four generations and started in 1936. 

Indio linen is hand-made in a small village in West Bengal. It provides work for more than a 100 ladies of the community. 

The cotton comes from Kolkatta, previously the capital of India, and is export quality. 

The hand embroidery on Indio linen is an ancient craft that has been refined over generations. It takes six to eight weeks to complete some of the items.