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Make it a December to remember

Moving into the last days of 2019 and it is a mad rush. Last projects to finalise, most have an upcoming holiday to get ready for, making sure kids are school ready for 2020 and also Christmas is near.

Why is it that December always just feels 7 days instead of 31? So much to do and not enough time. Before you know it, it is 2020 and a feeling of dread descent upon you because goals and desires are not outlined.

This year I'm planning on doing it differently. Making time to reflect on 2019 before the dawn of 2020. Highlights and lowlights, success and failure, what lessons can I learn from both failure and success. Keep doing what I'm doing right and change where I went wrong.

 Some topics I will reflect on:

 Health and wellness

So much to say on this topic but I'll try to keep it short and sweet to say, building good habits in terms of healthy whole food meals, sleep, exercise and stress management like meditation will keep you on top of your game in every area of your life. Building good habits that form the foundation of your lifestyle. Planning meals, schedule exercise, make time for meditation and getting to bed early are all game-changers.

Time management

With three kids in school and doing three quite different jobs, planning and managing my time is crucial.
Creating a schedule and planning days is a good set up for success


Probably one of life's biggest stressors is when finances are in shambles. Set up a budget early, be strict, stop buying the stuff you don't need. Be a conservative spender and a radical saver.

Business and work

If you are an entrepreneur, is your business thriving? What do you need to do better and build on? If you are working for a boss, are you happy or do you need to change?

Planning early, setting goals, building good habits and have a clear and outlined plan will set you up for a great 2020.

The only thing stopping you from achieving your wildest dreams is yourself.
If you can demolish your excuses, obliterate procrastination, build discipline and break the chains of comfort, you can learn any skill and become any person you want to be.

No more excuses.

Make this the December to remember
The December things changed for a great and prosperous life.