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Jodhpur Blue

Jodhpur Blue

We named our blue hand-embroidered linen after the city situated on the edge of the Thar Desert, Jodhpur. The second-largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan, this city is nicknamed the “Blue City”. It is also called the “Sun City,” named for the overwhelming amount of bright and sunny days it experiences.

Jodhpur is known as the ‘Blue City’ as the houses in the old town area near the Mehrangarh Fort are painted in hues of blue.

Standing atop the Mehrangarh Fort it is a mesmerizing collection of azure boxy indigo houses that stretches for more than 10 kilometers along the walls of the historic walled old city and a delight for the eyes.

While everybody knows Jodhpur is nicknamed the blue city, there is no definite explanation for the blue hues of the buildings.

There are a few theories:

Blue is a sign of social class

The Brahmin society, India’s priestly caste, painted their houses blue in order to separate themselves from the lower-caste communities, but over time the colour became a badge of identity for non-Brahmins too.

Blue to keep houses cool

As it’s also called the “Sun City” and the weather remains bright and sunny all around the year, the colour blue is a good reflector of sun rays, so painting the house in hues of blue, will keep their house cool in warmer months. Blue is also a psychologically soothing and calming colour.

Termite repellent

Due to the hot climate all year long, Jodhpur houses have a tendency to termites and the termites damaged the walls and structures of many historic buildings and houses in the city. The paint is a mixture of copper sulphate and limestone that not only wards off termites but copper sulphate under certain conditions turns blue and which gives houses their popular royal colour.

Speaking to locals will get you a host of new theories and reasons. Regardless of the truth, visitors aren’t likely to forget the eye-catching colour coating the houses, creating a luscious blue sea in the arid Indian landscape